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hi my name is Joey, do i know u?

2011-04-24 12:03:46 by Joey-Kazaam

hi, this is my new original character from the mushroom kingdom
it's mario and peach fused, i call him peario

o btw im still alive

hi my name is Joey, do i know u?


2010-07-28 21:11:12 by Joey-Kazaam

You have been permanently banned from submitting Portal reviews.
This is a result of the review you left for [KK] Meowth's Mission 2 on 7/27/10 at 4:15:58 PM:

Score: 10 / 10
Review: Now this is what I call quality! If this doesn't get front paged I have lost all faith in Newgrounds!

The moderator Malachy gave the following reason for the ban:

"participating in lame award theft attempt"

it's funny because what if I actually liked the flash and the mod was just being a tyrant with his power? Maybe mods should b& everyone who leaves a 10 as a review....

Whatever I don't really care about reviewing flashes anyways >_>


2010-07-20 22:48:05 by Joey-Kazaam



New Review System Suggestion

2010-07-15 18:30:13 by Joey-Kazaam

I doubt anyone will read this but I've noticed that reviews on NG tend to be more so comments than critique. If NG members knew how to leave a solid review this wouldn't be an issue however I feel many break the rules.

For example I left a review on a horrible animation (or should I call it a tween? SINCE THE WHOLE FLASH WAS TWEEN! Anyways it is called Resident Evil Pwanchi pt 5. I gave the movie a 4 star rating and called out all the errors LIKE IT SAYS IN THE REVIEW GUIDELINES, and to my suprise I see a review above me thats whole purpose is to insult my review rather than REVIEW THE FLASH which I'd like to add is AGAINST THE REVIEW GUIDELINES.

I will link you here, ws/541029/18 the abusive review was left by a member called fuck-division and he/she said

"Joey-Kazaam here is some CONSTRUCTIVE TIPS for you.
shut your fucking mouth when you've submitted 65 piece of shit flashes, and the only award you have is a underdog award. Stop trying to talk like your some kind of flash guru "the guru is not impressed", you fucking know it all prick. Also kill yourself."

Now what amuses me is that that whole review simply slanders what I've said and also shows the authors immaturity as I left a review with tips instead of freaking saying he should stop animating all together because all he does is tween copy righted video game characters....

This is one little incident however I am making this blog post because this is actually an issue I've been noticing wide spread. I feel that a lot of NG members that are young show a lot of disrespect in their posts and simply ignore the review guidelines, so what should happen is

1) Reviewer selects a level to give the flash (No changes)
2) A drop down menu of all the factors that go into a review such as plot, setting, characters, etc are rated with a level beside it

I believe this would avoid any complications because this would not let the newgrounder type, therefore they cannot leave hateful comments.

Thoughts? Or does nobody give a shit? I thought it would be a nifty idea so I could get some ACTUAL CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICSM ON MY FLASHES.

Why you should like the KK and look forward to July 17th

2010-07-03 03:00:22 by Joey-Kazaam

Sorry for the long title boys but I'm gonna tell you guys why you shouldn't hate the KK so much.
The KK started way back in 2006 and is still going strong so you should know right off the bat, that you can't kill them, they won't die, Tom Fulp won't ban anyone (because they aren't breaking any rules).

Although KK spams a lot, they are a spam crew first and foremost. However they still have some amazing members within their ranks. I'd like to mention the KK's distinct art style which I'd say rivals the best artists here on Newgrounds like Egoraptor and DanPaladin among others.

Here some links to some of the KK's greatest flashes,
A KK collab that was frontpaged.
Hulaloo made an excellent KK intro
Nogfish has an awesome artstyle. I'd also like to mention that Tom put Nogfish's cartoon in the flash portal history, proving he likes the KK.
and Bmac is awesome, and is under-rated here on NG.

There are many more of KK's awesome flashes somewhere here on Newgrounds, I wouldn't suggest looking through all the spam to find them though >_<

Hopefully now you will see why I joined KK with the purpose to learn from them and obtain their awesome art style. Also, you may not like them, but the KK isn't going to go anywhere, anytime soon :P.

I'm also going to plug the Kitty Secksing Collab 4, where the collab organizer Sak said that our parts must be of decent quality, and I've seen some entries and made a part, and although the theme is vulgar the animation is pretty lulz worthy.

Also, I am trying my best to improve in drawing, I have noticed a bit of improvement, however without a decent tablet I am still having difficulty with just about everything, and I haven't even begun to worry about animating yet... >_> thank goodness I got a 15 day ban from the portal so I can practice :D

To see my progress thread on the KK forums, the link is below (Account name was changed to Beebe Buff by admins, just know that OP is me) c,2289.0.html

Canada Day 2010!

2010-06-28 16:29:24 by Joey-Kazaam

Sup NG?
Well I'm just posting to announce my soon to be released flash called "Tribute to Trudeau".
Obviously it will be in the portal July 1st.

Anyways here's a screen shot of it, I really tried hard on it and I hope you guys like it :3

Canada Day 2010!

TG Song Collection #2 is on the way!

2010-06-20 13:08:35 by Joey-Kazaam

That's right folks TG is working on another compilation of some of the world's hottest tracks!
I can offically announce that the title track will be called "Computer" and a blooper will be a minute long melody created by none other than ZacXL.

Anyways that is all I will announce now, in the mean time here is a screen cap of one of the many frames in the animation!

If you didn't see the first one, check it out HERE!

TG Song Collection #2 is on the way!


2010-06-03 22:56:47 by Joey-Kazaam

That's right folks! I have more submissions this year than I did last year like I promised!!!
I broke my record withthis.Which also happens to be my first submission as the member of the Kitty Krew :)


New Years News

2009-12-30 17:37:24 by Joey-Kazaam

Well we're basically a day away from it being new years, and I've got to get my two cents in now.
Here is the agenda of my post.

1.Flash news
2. [TG] news
3. See ya later


So about flash, I've had a whopping 23 flash entries this year, pretty impressive for my first year on NG. Sadly some of my animations have been blammed such as...

Penis Party 1
Penis Party Special Edition
Penis Party 2
"One Time" Music Video
Justin Bieber Rocks

I'll find a way to sneak those suckers onto NG if its the last thing I do. I plan on getting atleast 24 movies in for next year, I have 2 big animations that I will work more on when I get the chance.

As for TG..

I would love to see myself create a new intro for the new year, possibly with a new song. Whatever happens, happens right?

The forum has yet to gander much attention, but I know Aron will figure it out a way to get us attention.

We have another collab in the works, where hopefully it will be a hit.

Well I am not that great at closing off blogs but I'll give it a try anyways.

I want to thank everyone who reviewed my flashes and viewed them, even if you voted 0 (faggots!) I wouldn't be here without you.

I'd like to thank my good pal Jar for getting it all started.

I'd like to give a big ol' hug to Aron Kong who is a pure genius.

I hope whoever is reading this has a happy and healthy new year, and I'll see you next year!

(p.s. join the TG forums!)


2009-06-25 18:48:32 by Joey-Kazaam

Well he's dead, I had a feeling he'd cop out of his Farewell Tour.

I found a video of him dieing. Here! 4